• Visual Process Automation
    for Property Management Teams

  • Are you dealing with routine processes in your property management business

    Struggling to manage these processes and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks?

    Meet Casual, the tool that helps property management teams visualize, track, and collaborate on their routine processes. With Casual, you will make your team more efficient, automate your processes, and ensure that every task gets done.

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  • You're a great fit!

    Casual is for you if:

    You have the same daily/monthly/yearly processes

    You need to go through your checklists to make sure moving in/out, tenant screening, maintenance, and client onboarding goes smoothly every time.

    Many of your processes entail dozens of steps (if not more!)

    Your checklists are huge. No wonder your team occasionally misses an item, and you have to do damage control afterwards.

    Missing deadlines can result in punitive action by regulating agencies


  • What Our Clients Say

    Check out how our customer HomeQwik LLC uses Casual to handle his property operations.

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    Mike Sargent, Owner/Realtor®

    Like all Property Management Companies we perform the same series of daily/monthly and yearly processes. Many of these processes contain dozens, if not more, steps or tasks.


    The biggest challenge for us is how to track the progress of these tasks and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

    Most of our processes have deadlines that are mandated by local real estate statute. Missing those deadlines due to disorganization can cause punitive action by the regulating agencies.

    Most of the time, we don’t know that something has fallen through the crack until a client or customer complains. Then we have to control the damage.

    That’s where Casual came in. Casual helped us to create detailed roadmaps for our most important processes (Move-Out, Move-In, New Client On-boarding, Leasing Call Center, Tenant Screening, Maintenance etc). It allows us penetrating visibility on progress and personnel, greatly reducing the likelihood that any step falls through the cracks.

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